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Krishna by Maybellmay

Initially, I would like to bring to light that this thing of yours is interestingly curious.The way you have realized your ideas is truthfully incredible. The quality of this artwork makes it distinct that you applied yourself to the fullest with your undivided scope of techniques. The shape of this work is decisively exact for the emotional notion that I think you are struggling to achieve, but in hindsight this observation is certainly pointless. On the other hand, I expect that your use of anatomy could have been improved upon as I feel that it can't equal the elegance found in the whole of the art work. Finally I would like to illuminate that it has been a pleasure to invest energy in this evaluation for you and I feel it will allow you to revamp your excellent piece.

Oh yes, and one other thing. If you have any shred of intelligence than you should have realised that this critique is akin to being a giant wall of bull excrement that was pretentiously generated via this nifty tool: [link]

I would highly advise that you do not rate it as fair, for I feel like it is unnecessary for my watchers to see this in their inboxes.

In the event that you do, for whatever reason, state that it is a fair critique, I will hereby take a moment to say: Watchers, I am truly sorry that you had to witness me being a dumbass.
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Maybellmay Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Student Digital Artist

/makes fair because I am mean
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